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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Medix

What do I need to start using Medix.

A hospital requires to at least have a working server, a local area network structure and some computers at the different stations where users will be using the system.

Can I integrate Medix with any accounting packages?

Medix can be easily integrated with third party software like Sage, Quickbooks etc.

Has Medix been implemented in Malawi yet?

Medix is currently being used at Chitawira Private Hospital and Mlambe Mission Hospital.

Do I get a Demo before I commit to using Medix.

We will give you a free 1 month demo for Medix so that you can use it and get to understand how it works and how well it can work for your hospital.

What is the guarantee and support like?

With Medix, you will get a 1 year free support and guarantee to ensure that your transition towards using Medix will be easy and smooth.